Jonathan Valen is the Owner/Operator of a state of the art digital recording studio in Southern California. This cutting edge facility has hosted many major recording artists as well as mixing 5.1 surround  and post production for television and film.









Gear List from Home Slice Digital

Digidesign Pro Tools HD ACCEL Digital Audio Recording System
Digidesign 192K Digital Interface
Focusrite Control 24 Digital Mixing Console
Genelec 1030A 5.1 Surround Monitor System
Event 20/20 BAS 5.1 Surround Monitor System
Focusrite ISA220 Recording Channel Strip with 96K Digital Out
Apple G4 Dual 1.25 GHz
Digidesign Midi I/O
Tascam DA88 Digital Audio Tape Recorder
Waves Gold Bundle TDM
Waves 360 Surround Bundle
MOTU Mach 5 Sampler Plug-In
The Drum Workshop Judas Priest 22 piece Drum Kit
Baby Grand Piano
Roland JV-800 Synthesizer/Controller
Huge Library of Sampled Instruments and Sounds
Much More



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