Letter From
Bob Birch

Letter From
Doane Perry
& Jethro Tull
I’ve known Jonathan Valen since 1988. I worked as a bassist with singer / Songwriter Mark Ashton. We had a record deal with RCA. And Paul Rothchild (aka the Doors and Janis Joplin) was our producer. Zak Starkey was our drummer, but had to return to England and couldn’t do the recording. Jonathan stepped in and did a fantastic job. His input both musically and personably were five star. Since that meeting I’ve worked with Jonathan in many situations and he always comes to play with total professionalism in both drumming and attitude. His expertise in digital recording and drum programming is A+. As far as the Judas Priest thing, Never would I think for a minute that Jonathan would try in take claim for something that was not true, after all he played on a record with Terry Bozzio I don’t know of to many drummers that have done that.
I value my relationship with Jonathan both as a musician and a friend.
Bob Birch
Bassist for the Elton John Band
Aug 22nd 2004
To Whom It May Concern:
I have had the good fortune to know Jonathan Valen as a professional colleague and as a friend for over fifteen years. I have tremendous respect for his abilities as a musician, producer and engineer. In addition to those attributes he is a very accomplished technician in the area of computer programming, electric drums and digital recording,
being one of California’s most well regarded ProTools experts.
Jonathan has also gained deserved recognition as a highly sought after drummer by some of the worlds top artists in the pop, rock and crossover fields and he has a reputation for excellence and integrity. We have spoken on many occasions about his time working with Judas Priest and know that despite the fact that he did not get official recognition for his service, for understandable public relations reasons, he was justifiably proud of his work and association with such a unique and prominent group.
I hope this may help to dispel some of the strange and unnecessary controversy surrounding Jonathan and his association with Judas Priest.
Doane Perry
Jethro Tull


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