The band consisted of

PAPA JOHN CREACH fiddle and vocals
DWIGHT CAROL Guitar Vocals and music director
RUSTY FRANK HAMMILTON Keyboards and Vocals
Jonathan Valen Drums Vocals

  The PAPA JOHN CREACH band was a great experience and also working with papa john was an education in the blues, we were together on the road for about two years, From L.A. to N.Y. in two cars and a van full of equipment.
We also did many shows in Hollywood and all over CA. We played shows with bands like MARSHAL TUCKER, TAJ MAJHAL, many big out door shows like RED ROCKS, CENTRAL PARK, and the SAN DIEGO UNIVERSARY amphitheater also the Bottom Line in N.Y. we played at the EL NATIONAL ARENA in MEXICO CITY in front of one hundred twenty thousand fans of the blues for a three day festival
I can remember some times after we would do our show we would sit up at night listening to stories about how pops grew up and all of his experiences with the JEFFERSON AIRPLANE band, and the HEIGH ASHBURY days. Going on the road with pops were my early days, and I have to say that after playing with that band for that much time we got real tight and tasty. Pops taught me as he put A RAT SHITING ON COTTON that meant extreme dynamics, to be able to play real soft and explode playing extremely hard, like in a controlled mood swing. You could not go to any school to get that kind of experience. PAPA JOHN CREACH had the antidote for everything musical and he was a complete master of his craft. And one of the most respected and gifted fiddle players of our time. It was an honor to work and be friends with PAPA JOHN CREACH and he is deeply missed. GOD BLESS YOU PJC
I would like to also acknowledge JOHN HENERY BUTTLER an amazing Keyboard player who took over after rusty left the project.


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